Kayak Santa Fe

What a wonderful Sunday.

Good clean fun, really fun group of people including Hubby, The Kids, & Best Friend Roxanne & Best Friend’s Hubby Nacho.

Extas were Josh, who works with Chris, and our good Friend Chuck (below). Also along for the trip was our friend Jay, who is not pictured because he’s the only one who brought a camera. None of the rest of us even packed our cellphones along. Thanks for everything, Jay!

Next time, Kaylee’s coming along!



  1. What great pictures! I dunno what happened, but I couldn’t get into any wordpress blogs for a couple days. Sheesh!

    1. I knew you’d like ’em, Swampie. You should come along with us, you are ALWAYS welcome if you can swing it. Going to kayak Juniper Springs on the 24th – it’s ADVANCED kayaking, nothing mellow and easy like the Santa Fe – and 7 miles long, not 3. Nice and cool. Most of the same group going along for that one, I think.

      Probably have an outing on the St. Mary’s one day this fall, look forward to that one, too.

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