Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Three words that embody the Best in the Men and Women who serve in the United States Navy. Some of my best memories from 22 years as a Navy Wife come from the HN’s who cared for me or my family. HN’s go into battle with Marines. I have NOTHING but admiration for all of them…and when I read things like this, I know they are the Best of the Best and we are a better Nation because of them. I am honoured and humbled to know this Man is in MY Navy.

Corpsman amputee prepares for historic return

SAN DIEGO — The explosion of a bomb buried in a road in Ramadi, Iraq, killed the Marine driving the Humvee, fatally wounded the vehicle commander and ripped through the body of then-Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class (FMF) Daniel Jacobs.

Jacobs had landed in Iraq just weeks after joining the infantry unit — India Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines — when another corpsman couldn’t deploy. Months after that Feb. 25, 2006, blast, doctors amputated Jacobs’ mangled left leg below the knee.

However, life as an amputee isn’t ending Jacobs’ career as a corpsman.

Even as he endured 49 surgeries, Jacobs was twice found by physical evaluation boards to be “fit for duty” — rulings that mean he could continue to serve in the Navy and enable him to return to fight in a combat zone. He is the only hospital corpsman with a below-the-knee amputation serving on active duty, Navy medical officials said.

In mid-June, Jacobs, 25 and now an HM2, with orders for another “green side” tour to the 1st Marine Division, checked in at the infantry division’s headquarters at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Later this year, he will prepare to go to Afghanistan with the division’s forward element. When he does, he will be the first amputee corpsman to deploy to combat.

Read the rest at Navy Times. You will NOT be sorry.

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