Get yourself a Happier Meal

I watch America’s Test Kitchen on the taxpayer-funded channels whenever it shows up. I love it. I’ve learned from it. I also follow whoever it is that has the Twitter account with that name, and today the link took me to Todd Essig’s column at Forbes.

I haven’t read the column – or this publication – in the past. I surmise that the column topic is often, for lack of a better term, mental health. I’ll be reading more of it, if it has to do with cooking…but I don’t think that’s the case because the TITLE of the column is “Managing Mental WEALTH.” Got no wealth around here, except the wealth of experience and love I try to maintain.

The following paragraph convinced me to post it here:

Whether you do it alone or with someone, for yourself or for other people, cooking is one of those meaningful, engaging, and rewarding activities that can make a powerful day-to-day contribution to a well-lived life. Getting the most from work and life isn’t a balancing act, it’s recognizing a series of unique challenges and opportunities and then making the most of the experience potentials you find, even in activities like cooking at home.

So, what does a psychologist mean when he says you have to do it right to get the most out of cooking.

The psychology of cooking…I know when I am angry or frustrated or sad, cooking is where I go for comfort. Not eating, mind you – cooking. I understand it when Mr. Essig (Dr. Essig?) refers to the ‘flow’ of cooking.

Of course, I often have a wonderful partner in my tiny little kitchen – that’s her in the picture taken last Spring when we were making lemonade – which may impede ‘flow’ but increases the amount of giggles.

Which is also pretty damn satisfying.

Kayaking Juniper Springs on Sunday, doing prep and housework and a few other little chores till then…may post the review I owe BookSneeze tomorrow… so, y’all have a fine Friday evening, thanks for stopping by!


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