Know the Enemy, Speak the Truth, and WIN the War ~ a review

How did the United States – a proud and powerful Eagle – become the blind and toothless old Lion we see today? Is there hope for America’s survival, though she is headed by a man of little character and less experience, assisted by an Administration and Congress who seem to value their jobs more than they value the Law, the Constitution or the American People?

In their book, “The Fight of Our Lives,” which I am reviewing for BookSneeze, William Bennett and Seth Leibsohn lay out a convincing explanation of the danger we have faced since long before the attack on September 11, 2001 – and the certain destruction we still face as our “leaders,” our schools, and our media ignore the words they hear from and the actions taken by the followers of RADICAL ISLAM.

The authors begin by telling the straight story of the Ft. Hood attack, a mass murder by an American-grown jihadist. They tell us where the modern – most recent – threat from radical Islam began and how it spread. We learn more about the appeasement and dithering from governments around the world. Haven’t we been informed by “experts” such as Barak Obama that terrorism grows out of “poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair ”? We’ve been lied to. Because of the “Politically Correct” behavior of our “leadership” we are more unprotected than ever. Nothing frightens me more than knowing the report on the Ft. Hood massacre was researched, written, and published by a former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, a former Chief of Naval Operations and 3 other admirals, an Air Force general and 2 Air Force colonels, 2 Marine generals, 1 Army general, and 1 Coast Guard admiral. These military ‘elites’ approved 86 pages of blather entitled ‘Protecting The Force’ referring to Major Nidal Hasan as “a gunman.” The report references “what causes people to resort to violence” – as if this murderer was your garden variety child of drug users who then grew up to use drugs…and, oh yeah, KILL HIS FELLOW AMERICAN SOLDIERS…as a result? In their writings, the word “Islam” is never used in the body of the report. “Muslim” and “jihad” do not appear even once.

Following the chapter on the disgusting response to the attack at Ft. Hood, Dr. Bennett and Mr. Leibsohn lay out in good order the actions of the PLO, who – as early as 1968 – were the first to use civilian ships and airliners in their attacks on the West. Little retaliation from the United States followed these attacks. Bill Clinton hosted Yassir Arafat at the White House. Hezbollah is responsible for more American deaths than any terrorist organization in the world, prior to 9-11. Again, little or no consequences were handed out for any of those murders.

Things have not improved since the hijackings and murders committed by the PLO. After the Christmas Day bomb attempt in 2009, Secretary Napolitano declared to every viewer of evry Sunday morning “news” show that “the system worked.” In reality, what ‘worked’ aboard Northwest Flight 253 was a single civilian passenger – from the Netherlands. The rest of the vaunted ‘system’ let a known radical get on that plane carrying a bomb!

Dr. Bennett and Mr. Leibsohn do an excellent job of explaining the distinctions between radical Islam and moderate or Reform-minded Muslims. There are superb examples of how the West sees, talks about and deals with Islam. Many sophisticates and academics either don’t think the threat to the United States is real…or they don’t believe they will be a target. Worse are those who believe we “deserve” the death that radical Islam has in mind for us. Mollycoddling, appeasement, and apologies are the stock in trade of many academics, Political Elites, and the Obama Administration.

Defense of our civilization has been and continues to be weak at every level. From teaching twisted history to children in school to our acceptance – or ignorance – of the vicious and violent “Religion of Peace,” we are doomed as a Nation unless we find the will to fight.

All sources are indexed and listed for easy reference. The authors issue a compelling call to recognize the Enemy and fight the war. This book is informative, unsettling, and well worth reading.

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