Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Unicorn Song and other earworms

Did you ever watch Pig N Whistle? We lived in Alberta for 3 years as a kid, and it was one of my favourites. Of course, we got Canadian tv in most of the Montana towns we lived in, too. Watching this really makes me miss my dad… Over the years, this song has been […]

Hype? Mostly yes. But not completely.

Hurricane Irene is gone now, and dozens of reporters and cameramen are sleeping safe in their beds, knowing they Saved Lives By Throwing Caution To The Winds And Reporting The Horrific Conditions The Little People In New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Should Avoid!!! Uh-huh. Right. Toby Harndon, the US Editor for the Daily […]

FABulous Friday

Don’t know what’s fabulous about it…not much different than any other, really. No Kaylee this morning because she’s at Pre-K 3 mornings a week. Slept in. Feels like I just wandered aimlessly till time to pick her up. Have done almost nothing else all day. And all of a SUDDEN, it’s 7pm? What the ??? […]

Good NIGHT, Irene! (see Update 2 below)

Weather forecasters are all a-flutter, especially locally. Seems some computer models have Irene tracking this direction. So we’ll be doing some preparation, JUST IN CASE. I need to be able to hold down the fort here if Duffy gets called to work. Found this image at Weather Underground. Better hit the library for a couple […]

Paddle Saturday

Some of us are going smooth-water kayaking again tomorrow. Duffy and Johnny are doing an overnight with some people they camped with last “Spring.” I’ll be coming home because I’m not crazy about hanging out in the heat. Not crazy about it at all. Wait…wouldn’t that make me NOT CRAZY? Two of the ladies have […]

Do you think about yourself for more than a fleeting moment?

As a regular feature at, Rabbi Twerski has a column based on one of his books. I forget to read the column regularly, but today’s offering really hit me where I live. When you are psychologically and emotionally healthy, you don’t think about yourself. However, when an emotional problem vexes you, then your self-consciousness […]

Vive le Second Amendment!

Over at The Daley Gator, I find this FABulous story about our Governor here in Florida, standing up to the petty little tyrants who hate guns and people who prefer to own and carry guns. Much as I’d prefer to live on the western plains, this makes it more ok to live here. The Orlando […]