FABulous weekend, HAPPY Monday!

Saturday morning I went to get a few groceries, put gas in the Tundra, then Duffy and I watched “Soul Surfer.” Love that movie. Of course, I don’t surf or even swim, but I could relate to Bethany’s mom, as portrayed by Helen Hunt, because I HAVE a daughter who surfs (and did as a teenager). What a wonderful, uplifting, well-told, beautifully filmed movie!

In the afternoon, we picked up a couple friends and drove over to the Stark Country Club for the Third Annual Lawty Primary Purpose Group Spaghetti Dinner. A major force in the Primary Purpose “resurgence” in Alcoholics Anonymous was the speaker, and it was a thrill and an honour to finally meet Chris R. He graciously posed for a picture with a few of the members of PPG Jax and 2 members of PPG Lawty. Chris is the one with the eye patch, and one of my favorite good ole boys Johnny is to his right. Inspiring day, all day long!

Sunday morning was late starting, as we were waiting on the kids, who were waiting on others…you know how that goes. Finally left for Mayport around noon, and it was well worth the wait. I spent my time taking pictures and watching Kaylee. It was sooooo hot, but a lot of fun. Incoming tide made for good waves. Kaylee fell asleep on the way home, just after she finished the ‘after-beach snack’ I always take along – grapes, pretzels, and fruit snacks. I think everyone had fun, I know I did!

Now I have GOT to get some housework done – the ol’ man has gone back to Mayport to get s’more exercise, and I have a few things I cannot, in all good conscience, put off any longer! Y’all have a lovely day, and thanks so much for stopping by.


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