Your Government Is Stealing From You

I haven’t even MET my online blogger friends, but I feel as close to a couple of them as I do to anyone in my daily life…because they kinda ARE “in my daily life,” aren’t they?

SwampWoman, author of A1A South, is a brilliant, beautiful Friend who does not mince words. Her political views are based on her knowledge and her personal experiences. Her post today has to have been painful to write, but is the best analogy for our arrogant, hypocritical, out-of-control government that I’ve ever seen.

There are a lot of people out there that had money tucked away in supposedly safe places for their retirement needs. When they wake up and look in their safe places, they’re going to find out that it is gone. They’ll find that it has been stolen, not by thieves, but by the government. And they’re going to be punished for complaining about it through tax increases and ever more draconian regulations against commerce.

Do yourself a favor – read it all.


  1. I’ve met a couple of blogger friends. It may not always be a good idea.
    Or it can be the greatest thing to happen all year!

    1. I have every intention of meeting SwampWoman one of these days – she lives close! Paco and yojimbo and JP and RebeccaH and a few others are wishful thinking, I’m sure. You and Kae, on the other hand? Probably not likely, which is a real shame.

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