Vive le Second Amendment!

Over at The Daley Gator, I find this FABulous story about our Governor here in Florida, standing up to the petty little tyrants who hate guns and people who prefer to own and carry guns. Much as I’d prefer to live on the western plains, this makes it more ok to live here.

The Orlando Sentinel reported on the changes now underway that:

“Orange County employees have started removing ‘no firearms’ signs at county parks, and soon they’ll probably black out the same words on brochures. In Groveland, leaders recently erased from the books an ordinance that banned firing a gun into the air….in Boca Raton, the “no guns allowed” sign has come down at City Hall. In Lake County, commissioners recently deleted a provision in an ordinance that would have banned firearms on public lands, including its parks.”

The new law will make for consistent, state-wide rules for guns, including those with concealed carry permits. It will not affect rules already in place at the state level for firearms, the Orlando Sentinel points out, which include making it illegal to ‘fire into buildings, cars, across streets and in public places, except for self-defense.‘ The new law won’t really expand gun rights so much as it will greatly clarify legal firearms possession, transport, and use- eliminating inevitable confusion for law enforcement and citizens alike.

What is certain is this- Governor Rick Scott has sent a clear message that the right to bear arms enshrined in the 2nd amendment to the Constitution is not a parking regulation or a picnic permit to be issued, denied, or changed at the whim of any middling bureaucrat.


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