Paddle Saturday

Some of us are going smooth-water kayaking again tomorrow. Duffy and Johnny are doing an overnight with some people they camped with last “Spring.” I’ll be coming home because I’m not crazy about hanging out in the heat. Not crazy about it at all. Wait…wouldn’t that make me NOT CRAZY? Two of the ladies have bailed because a service commitment training has come about. Here’s where we’re going. We’ll be on the Santa Fe River, from Rum Island to the 47 Bridge.

This picture was taken on our lunch break the last time we kayaked on the Santa Fe. We paddled back into the woods a little ways, stopped at Naked Ed’s, which is a little backwater fed by it’s own spring, for a food and potty break. It was an almost magical day. Different crew of people tomorrow, really looking forward to it!

This is a shot I found online of some of the signage at Naked Ed’s. He’s really a very nice man, kind and interested – and interesting. Knows all there is to know about the flora and fauna of his little piece of Heaven.

Here’s hoping your weekend is as beautiful as your heart. Thanks for stopping by!


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