Good NIGHT, Irene! (see Update 2 below)

Weather forecasters are all a-flutter, especially locally. Seems some computer models have Irene tracking this direction. So we’ll be doing some preparation, JUST IN CASE. I need to be able to hold down the fort here if Duffy gets called to work. Found this image at Weather Underground.

Better hit the library for a couple books!

UPDATE: Seems the path models have changed…though Duffy got an email that supervisors are advised to get their households in order NOW, as they may be called upon to work all weekend, if evacuations are ordered. Most recent path forecast by Weather Underground is pictured below:

UPDATE2: S’more change…we have a 6 on the 911 Surf Report this morning, so I’m thinkin’ the ol man will be headed to Mayport when he gets up. Here’s the projected path, as of 8am EDT:

See that little bump on North Carolina and Virginia? Just GOTTA stick their noses out in the way of Mother Nature!



  1. It looks like it’s gonna miss us by a comfortable distance…

  2. Second Fleet units are getting underway from Norfolk.

  3. The most savage I’ve been through is a Cat 3. They aren’t funny.

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed for everybody in the path.

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