Monthly Archives: September 2011

All good things…

…must end. In fact, even the so-so things end, don’t they? Friday, which for 3 months has been a wonderful day, is back to being a real bummer. *sigh* So, how about something a little cheerful… My go-to song for getting through the deep stuff… This one’s cuz me and the Bee go to Old […]

Is anyone happy right now with all of this?

I stopped by the friendly confines of The Camp Of The Saints tonight. Bob is such a gracious and charming host. His post from this morning referencing a certain Ted Leonsis was so well done, I could just link to it and you’d have a great read in store. However, when I left a comment, […]

Well said!

Send Washington a message! (UPDATE below)

I’d vote for Herman Cain in a New York minute. I was astounded at his win in the Florida straw poll, not because I didn’t have any hope for him, but because…I didn’t have any faith in the people who vote in these things. Florida has been a key state in presidential elections the last […]

The Beach at Mayport

Saturday afternoon we drove out to Mayport and got a room at the Navy Lodge. Watched some football, then went to supper at Singleton’s. The blackened sheephead was yummy (I got to taste the ol man’s selection) and the shrimp salad was really good, too. Spent the rest of the evening reading and watching college […]


“Weekend at Bernie’s” in “living” colour (cough). The movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” is a comedy. Two men arrive at the beach home of their boss, Bernie Lomax, only to find him dead. For reasons we won’t get into, they put sunglasses on Bernie, prop him up on a couch and drag him around to make […]


Got my grocery-shopping done, picked up my Pixie…got to get the dishes done…then some Step work with a lady who’s coming over after Kaylee goes home & Duffy goes to work…THEN gooing to Mayport tomorrow. I kinda dig my life, y’know? Kaylee had a bath yesterday while she was here…and the cat had to join […]