Pixie Place Potpourri

Left Coast Rebel posts about the scheduling conflict 5 NASCAR drivers have, which keeps them from accepting a White House invitation.

The Mistress of Spleenville is having some troubles much like the ones I’ve had recently.

Over at Three Beers Later, we can see that the Fast and Furious Scandal will not be contained any time soon.

It’s Springtime in Australia, and there’s some very cool video at Kae’s Bloodnut Blog.

Speaking of Australia, Paco covers an anniversary that I was reminded of also yesterday – the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of the ANZUS.

And finally, the Greatest Jaguar in their short history, Fred Taylor, retired as a Jacksonville Jaguar  today. Video is something I found on youtube (turn your sound down),  from 2009, when he quit playing here. Amazing.


Kaylee wasn’t here this morning, but she’ll be here in a little while – between the time Daddy has to go to work and Mama gets off of work. The kitten is at the vet, having that operation that makes every man cringe when he hears about it. The New Queen is wondering where the heck he is. And the ol man had to go to work early – two 12 hour days this week. Mighty quiet around here. Better get something constructive done now…y’all have a fun and safe holiday weekend, y’hear? Thanks for stopping by, and please come back soon!



  1. Hi KC
    You should see the video of the birds I took in my trees…. and photos of my grevilleas and azaleas… etc. I love my flowers. Come and have a look!
    Spring is sprung… I, II, III, IIII (ooops, failed Roman numerals) and V.

    1. I did go back and see the new pics and the vid, Kae! Lovely, as usual!

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