The Undefeated (revised)

I have replaced the bad taste I got from the book I read and reviewed in my last post by watching “The Undefeated” this morning with the ol man. I love Sarah Palin. I have total disgust and distrust regarding the LameStreamMedia and their Party Favorites, whether Left or Right. Elitist, egotistical pigs who care nothing for anyone, and are willing to say or do whatever it takes to protect their little pile of stuff.

Revolution, anyone?


Now, I’m going to find a little something to eat. The ol man has asked me to go to the Suns game with him tonight, and can hardly wait to get a hot dog there! We have wonderful seats and the weather is cooperating by staying much cooler. I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening! Y’all have a beautiful Saturday AND Sunday (may go to Mayport with the family tomorrow), be safe, eat well, and thanks so much for stopping by!

( You might enjoy the book I reviewed earlier – “Love You More” – a lot of reviewers gushed over it – but I almost couldn’t finish it. I almost put it away. Hell, I almost THREW it away. I couldn’t believe that feeling, that I could barely stand to read a book on a topic near and dear to my heart. Some of my VERY favorite people are adopted, fercryinoutloud, but this woman’s sanctimonious elitist attitude toward the world around her, toward child-rearing and even what she thinks others think about adoption itself were just about too much to take. A book that should’ve taken me 2 or 3 evenings to read, instead took me nearly 3 weeks. And then I couldn’t stand to write and post the review! But, it’s done now.)


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