Mid-week is time for…something amusing!

Because, y’know, The Speech #634.2 isn’t till Thursday…and I’m going to have to miss it because THE PACKERS ARE PLAYING! So here’s a little amusement for this lull in the middle:

President Obama declared Friday that September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness month in a broad hint to school menu planners.

Last week Michelle Obama took a separate jet to Martha’s Vineyard and now she’s telling him what to name the months.

This is the first time in his presidency he’s looked more like Bill Clinton than Jimmy Carter.  

~Argus Hamilton

Lastly today we have a little post from What Not To Crochet. This blog makes me giggle every time – if the crocheted items don’t do it for me, the comments SURELY do! Today’s example:

With that, I’m off to do the things I do every day! Y’all have a beautiful Wednesday, and thanks for stopping by!


Don’t forget – GOP debate tonight!

London’s airports installed a lie detection system using a thermal imaging camera and software to detect liars.

They finally got the system working again.

Three years ago in the testing lab they aimed it at a presidential debate and it almost set the building on fire.

~Argus Hamilton


  1. I thought she was real for a minute.

    1. Oh, so did I. Creepy, isn’t it?

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