Are YOU ready for some football – PACKERS football?

Plans changed, got to be here for the Packers game! SO cool! It’s 14-0 Packers, with just over 5 minutes to play in the first quarter. One good drive, one turnover capitalized upon. Wait…just got mighty quiet…touchdown, Saints, now 14-7. Some great pictures posted at – check this one out!

Kid Rock was…well, rockin’ it – really enjoyed the song “Born Free” but couldn’t find it from the game, so here’s the official video…

Really needed this ‘off’ night – feeling fragile, somehow. Being a tough ol broad is wearing on me, I think. Can’t wrap my mind around some things I really ought to have come to grips with months ago…plus I slept wrong – and not very well – so really in a lot of pain. Done whining now, thanks for stopping by, and…GO PACK GO!


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