Super Spectacular BeeGee’s Friday!

If pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth, I should be a freakin’ spiritual giant…instead of the mess I seem to be this week.



  1. Pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth? Dang. I’m tired of growing spiritually. I want to live a shallow, non-examined life!

    Oh, wait. Would I be a perpetual teenager then?

    1. Sometimes I think it means pain other than physical…but I don’t think so – most of my pain IS physical, but it still kinda forces me into self-examination.

      Mother Teresa said “I know God won’t give me more than I could handle, but I sometimes wish he didn’t trust me so much.” I’m learning this week that it isn’t GOD who’s putting what I think is too much on my plate – it’s me accepting all the things offered, and getting overwhelmed because I can’t be bothered to say no!

      The physical pain component comes in because pain wears me out quicker, I just don’t have the energy I used to have…and I don’t like admitting I can’t do all the things I used to do in the amount of time I used to do them…*sigh*

      You’re right, we have enough perpetual teenagers. Unfortunately, they seem to be running the government and the schools, and I’m doing my best to avoid them… ;D

  2. Sheesh. Looks like I accidentally doubled my screen name when logging in.

  3. Aren’t computers GREAT? With a computer, I can make mistakes much, MUCH bigger than I could back in the old days with just a lil’ ol’ typewriter.

  4. What I’d really like to find a cure for is how tired I seem to be at the end of the day. After feeding the livestock at night, it is all I can do to drag myself inside to cook dinner, let alone do the rest of the household chores. If I go up to Georgia too, I have to pick up food because there just isn’t enough time.

    (Grin) If I do like I’ve been threatening to do and cut back to part-time work, I’d probably use that extra time up at Mom’s instead of painting the house, staining the floors, maintaining the fences, reroofing, gardening and cooking diet food. Or I’d play with the grandchildren all day. And probably be just as wiped out at the end of the day!

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