Let there be no doubt – “Mission Accomplished”

Humans – Americans, in particular – have fairly short memories, when it comes to…well, anything, really. How many times have bell-bottom jeans been in style in YOUR memory?

This is not a post about fashion, though, it’s about American History that many of us reading this today will remember easily. Remember the invasion of Iraq after 9/11? Boy, I do. I was living on a Marine base in Hawai’i and it was an everyday topic of conversation.

Bob Tyrrell, in an article at JewishWorldReview.com has said precisely what I’ve been thinking whenever the subject comes up about the war in Iraq. Please do go read it all – here’s one paragraph to whet your appetite:

Camp Victory was the biggest of our bases. It was open to 46,000 troops at the height of operations. It had swimming pools, palaces and other improbable amenities for a military base thanks to its former inhabitant, Saddam Hussein. His presence there is shockingly diminished. Yet there remains a gaudy throne, a gift from the deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Actually, Saddam is deceased too, but there remains this appalling throne, with the tyrant’s pomade stained on its headrest. I wonder how many people he condemned to death from that throne. And more, I wonder how many condemned victims he watched die a grisly death from that throne. That is the kind of sport he enjoyed.

Really, go read it all. You won’t be sorry.


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