The Beach at Mayport

Saturday afternoon we drove out to Mayport and got a room at the Navy Lodge. Watched some football, then went to supper at Singleton’s. The blackened sheephead was yummy (I got to taste the ol man’s selection) and the shrimp salad was really good, too. Spent the rest of the evening reading and watching college football in peace and quiet. Sunday morning I made coffee with the supplies provided and it was AWFUL. I had thought to take the percolator and coffee makin’s from the house but completely forgot. I won’t forget again. There was free coffee and ‘breakfast to go’ in the lobby, so I took that back to the room instead.

I walked down and had my coffee on the beach. When I got back, Duffy was awake. I fixed him a fruit bowl and we watched ‘Sunday Morning’ – which had a couple reminders why I don’t make it a point to watch that anymore (can you say ultra-liberal misinformed ignorant racist bias?), but I really enjoyed Bill Geist’s segment on minor league baseball players.

When that was over, Duffy went down to the beach to see about surfing. He enjoyed that, and by noon we were in the truck and on the way home.

Here’s a couple pictures I took, followed by one from that I found when we got home:

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by!



One comment

  1. Now that’s purty! We finally got some rain this afternoon/evening.

    I also found that I have a short somewhere in the electrical system that renders my vehicle somewhat less than dependable. Cross your fingers that I make it to work tomorrow!

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