Send Washington a message! (UPDATE below)

I’d vote for Herman Cain in a New York minute. I was astounded at his win in the Florida straw poll, not because I didn’t have any hope for him, but because…I didn’t have any faith in the people who vote in these things.

Florida has been a key state in presidential elections the last what, four elections? Two of the last three for absolutely sure. So am I being egotistical to think this shows more the way of the world than the Iowa straw poll not long ago? Trying to be sensible…and I don’t trust the ‘reporting’ from these things anyway, I try to make my own decisions, based on the often biased and limited information I find.

Over at The Daley Gator, there’s a link to the Herman Cain For President website.

Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints has a terrific roundup of news and views.

Jimmie Bise , Jr gives a good run-down of weekend political happenings at The Sundries Shack.

The American Spectator has a good article up by Robert Stacy McCain. He writes better than I, so you ought to go read it.

And, at Business Insider, some inside poop on the Cain Campaign…wow…

UPDATE: I always did like Dennis Miller – yes, even on Monday Night Football – but I like him better now!


Look at the time! I better get busy! Lovely Monday morning here in NEFL. We got a real good soaking rain yesterday, but it was after some time at Mayport with the ol man, and after he grilled us some lovely NY strips…we were pretty much settled in for the evening, watching the cat chase his new toy – a toy fish tied to fishing line, then looped over the back of the rocking chair. I think it wore him out, cuz I’m pretty sure he slept ALL NIGHT!

Have a fine Monday, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Perhaps we should not be so shocked by

the success of someone who worked so hard

to put himself at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. 


on Herman Cain’s win in the Florida straw poll



  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    Thanks for including me with all the mental heavyweights, KC. Alas, I am only one in girth.

    1. There are none your equal in writing and heart, Bob. You’re a definite favorite with everyone in THIS household.

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