Is anyone happy right now with all of this?

I stopped by the friendly confines of The Camp Of The Saints tonight. Bob is such a gracious and charming host. His post from this morning referencing a certain Ted Leonsis was so well done, I could just link to it and you’d have a great read in store. However, when I left a comment, I realized it was MUCH more than a comment, and I’ve decided to make it a blog post of my own.

I continue to be gobsmacked (How can you not LOVE that word?) at the writers who are this generation’s excuse for “reporters” and “columnists.” Here are these supposedly intelligent, been-to-the-right-schools, wear-the-right-clothes, eat-at-the-right-places, live-in-the-right-neighborhood, dweebs who STILL don’t get it! 

Hey, Ted, you Elitist Nincompoop! Barry is a socialist, on the order of…lemme see here, what name might you recognize…oh yeah – LENIN or MARX!!! He doesn’t just hang around radicals (cuz so do I), he hangs around VIOLENT radicals who have proven willing to KILL OTHER AMERICANS to advance their agenda! He was raised by WHITE people in Hawai’i and I’d bet has never experienced racism in his whole pampered life!  Have YOU seen a university transcript? Have you heard from anyone who knew him as a student, as a young working man…as an ex-boyfriend? He became a politician – in Chicago! He sucks the teat of Affirmative Action, crawls into bed with union thugs, and then spits in the faces of those who build the businesses, pay the taxes and lay down their lives for the Country that nurtured his arrogant, ungrateful soul.

You can’t talk him down off his rhetoric, Ted – NO ONE can do that, because he’s doing exactly as he pleases, and – I believe, most of the time – is getting precisely the results he imagined. He said he would transform America, and by God he’s done that, with a willing or not-quite-contrary-enough Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, Czars, and like-minded departmental bureaucrats who believe in that same transformation. 

Unlike Bob Belvedere, I don’t believe Ted and his brethren are stupid. I think many of them are willfully blind, too afraid of seeing the consequences of their short-sightedness to ever turn around. First they supported The Current Occupant because it was a change from the war-lovers of the previous administration. Now, when they’ve seen some of the results of that promised change, they’re terrified…because The Government WILL come after them. Maybe not first, but in time, they know the tide will turn…

There are two quotes running through my head – I bet I’m not the first to think them appropriate:

“There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

~English proverb

“Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

~Martin Niemöller

Maybe the backlash against some of Barry’s bullsh*t has surprised him. I hope the rise of the Tea Party has him unsettled and uncertain. I want him and all his minions and partners in crime thrown off-kilter.  

Just remember – rabid animals are most dangerous when they’re backed into a corner,


(Tip of my cap to Bob at TCOTS!)


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  2. Hear! Hear!

    1. Hey, thanks, Bob!

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