All good things…

…must end. In fact, even the so-so things end, don’t they? Friday, which for 3 months has been a wonderful day, is back to being a real bummer. *sigh*

So, how about something a little cheerful…

My go-to song for getting through the deep stuff…

This one’s cuz me and the Bee go to Old McDonald’s at least once a week after I pick her up at preschool…

I didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep last night, busy day today so far plus not enough to eat…one more obligation, then finish up the dishes, set up the coffee, and sleep as much as I can manage. Hoped to get groceries tonight, but I’m just too tired.

Y’all have a wonderful weekend, first of October, oh MY! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi ya!

    I was playing in the weeds, er, garden saturday and today (had a day off, flextime, I have three days up because I worked on Open Day). After chopping down the branches of one of the three murraya (mock orange) I have to get rid of (it’s gone mad and the seeds are growing under it, it’s a weed over here), I was pooped and the muscles in my right arm were hurting – from using the pruning saw. Yesterday I attended a first birthday party of friend’s grandson. Saw Scarlett and my Ex. They’re going well.

    Ayhoo, had a lot of trouble sleeping on Sat night with my arm aching. Last night slept like a log, and that might have had something to do with the retail therapy I gave myself after the baby’s birthday party. I bought a hammer drill and bits to drill holes to poison the murraya and a couple of other misplaced plants, as a bonus it’s a driver so it’s great!

    This morning I dragged the cuttings from the front to the burning pile out the back, and cut some more down. Now my arm is sore again. And there’s more at the front and still the same at the back to be dragged around the back to the burning pile.

    Just. Shoot. Me.

    When I shopped I bought two bottles of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM tablets they’re for arthritis (horse tablets they are!), $20 off the usual price and received two bottles of multi vitamins for nix. I had a script filled, bought some strawberry plants, some new pots to replace the UV destroyed few I have, a vase for work and all sorts of goodies.

    I’ve had a big weekend!

    1. I’d say big! And productive! Unlike mine…I think symptoms indicate fibromyalgia flare-ups, which I used to put off to ‘catching a bit of the bug that’s going around.’ The flares this year have all been triggered by an emotional surprise…guess I ought to talk to a doctor about it.

      Kaylee’s birthday party was fun, the weather is spectacular…so I really ought not complain!

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