FABulous Friday…well, better’n last week, that’s for damn sure.

I have an appointment Monday to see about ruling out things that cause symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. I seem to have what are known as flare-ups whenever something emotionally upsetting comes along. I can’t just be upset, I gotta get FREAKY about it??? Sheesh…

If that’s what I have, there are no cures and very little anyone can do for me. Painkillers are out, as NSAIDS have little to no effect. Sleep disturbance is connected, but I can’t very well end the things that disturb my sleep. One is my husband! I’d like it very much if he’d stay. The other thing is a mind that won’t leave me alone, bringing up thoughts of people that make me sick at my stomach, memories of things I wish hadn’t happened this year…I keep hoping Time will take care of most of them…but so far, no such luck. I also won’t be taking anything to ‘help’ me sleep. AND I won’t be taking an anti-depressant, at least not till I get suicidal from lack of sleep, or waste away to nothing because I don’t eat when my heart is breaking.

Gotta do something about the eating though, I’m down to just under a hundred pounds. My jeans don’t fit, my underwear doesn’t fit – hell, my bra doesn’t fit!

I did get my hair cut one last time, so now it can grow out more evenly. It had been cut up over my ears & was growing out really funny-looking. This I think I can keep tidy.

All that being said, I am determined to stop whining. There are people all around me with REAL problems, and I feel the need to whine about a little pain. Good grief.

Anyway, Duffy asked if I wanted to go hike with him tomorrow, he’s then spending the night with some other hammock hangers down by Black Creek. I’d love to! However, the weather isn’t going to cooperate, and he only has one tarp, which doesn’t work for 2 hammocks. Oh, well…I’m so thrilled he asked. I guess I’ll get some chores done instead.

Kait started her new job, and doesn’t hate it but is really tired from having to work! The boss is an OCD on steroids, busybusybusy kinda guy. Once they’re set up, she’ll enjoy it even more, I bet. Handsome son-in-law is carrying an A in his class, I’m so proud. And Kaylee was the Star in her PreK class today – like she’s the Star in MY house every time she’s here!

That’s enough, gotta git. Have a lovely weekend – stay warm – or cool – and dry – for my Jewish Friends, G’mar Hatimah Tovah…and GO RANGERS!


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