Celebrating 100 Years of Naval Aviation



  1. Going to the Central Valley Air Show at NAS Lemoore on Saturday. I will be taking lots of pictures. And I wonder if I will run into any old squadron mates? I have not been on the Ops Side since March of 1989. One of the guys I work with is going along with his wife who just got here from The Philippines.
    We are going to leave before the Blues fly, however. We have seen them and the Thunderchickens enough. And traffic is murder when leaving the Air Station. Twenty three years ago, it took me almost an hour to get to the house……………and we lived in housing then!!!!!!

    1. I haven’t been to an actual air show since I don’t know when…1990? You know where we live, it’s in the pattern, so seeing aircraft isn’t unusual in my life, when the Angels practice it’s part of my daily routine for a week…and I hate crowds. Will get any shopping I want to do done early that week, and IF my plan works, we won’t be here anyway, we’ll be in North Carolina…

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