It’s Aloha Friday!

Grocery shopping for the ol man to get the last of his supplies for his hike…then lunch with the Pixie after I pick her up from school…then a few chores but nothing too strenuous…will be making a pot of coffee and some breakfast bagel sandwiches for the guys to take on the road with them – at 3AM!!! Going to be a lonely 4 day weekend (Saturday thru Tuesday), but I have plenty to keep me busy. Hope you do, too!

I love you, Duffy – have a good time!



  1. Zombie run is today! Pixie might like to watch the zombies chasing little children. Course, it might give her nightmares.

    They’re leaving at 3 AM? Heh. My poor ol’ man woulda been picking up breakfast at Mickey Ds.

    1. Duffy got home around 0130, changed & finished packing & sat down to wait in his recliner. I must’ve slept again, too. He came & told me when they finally got here, almost 30 minutes late. Finally headed out nearly an hour behind scheduIe. I got up to kiss Hubby and wave bye-bye. Then I went back to bed, knowing full well I had to get up by 0715 to drive one friend to another friend’s new apartment so we could bestow upon her some of the basics she needed for said new apartment. It is SUCH a cute little place…Ute and I both miss moving…we liked setting up house, I guess. Anyway, I’m listening to a recording of the Big Book workshop that was here in town last weekend, trying to get up the energy to scrub the floors…might be too tired, we’ll see…

      The Pixie is with her parents at the other grandparents’ today – engagement party tonight for Daddy’s sister…oh the joys of matrimony! She stopped here so she could go potty, on the way. My God, what a beautiful child! Your grandchildren are beautiful, too – ain’t we just got the BEST gifts from God!

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