Monday has been Funday (updated below)

I was up early this morning. I fixed Lovely Daughter a sausage, egg & cheese bagel, don’t know if she ate it or not. My Pixie was kinda quiet most of the day – she has a snotty nose & a bit of a cough, and she had a HECK of a busy weekend. I cleaned out the carport & she played with some little toys (kids’ meal things, I guess) I’d hidden a few months back. And I mean she played with them ALL day, while we were outside AND after she came in.

Duffy called. Said he might call back so I could get him a number from the computer…but he didn’t. I wonder if he’ll be coming in earlier than planned, because he said they were at ‘that point.’

I really miss my husband a lot…so I hope he comes home early.

Memories from our days in San Diego…

UPDATE: Duffy sent me text after they stopped for the night – 8 miles to hike Tuesday, then heading home. I woke up to rain this morning. Went to have the mammogram, then picked up Kaylee – no school for her with the nasty little cough she has. Now, I’m hungry, and I need to make potato salad…and maybe some more macaroni salad, too…but maybe not, I’m VERY tired. Hope Kaylee can go home early…lazy ol broad, ain’t I.

Here are the lyrics to My Poor Heart:

Don’t expect too much from my poor old heart
You can blame me unforgiven for my scars
You might just be the best that I can find
But I can’t seem to forget the tears I’ve cried

I don’t know that I will ever trust again
It’s a price I must pay for all my sins
Time has changed me and left me full of doubt
And my heart may be lost never to be found

Once upon a time I did believe
In my true love that swept me off my feet
The wind of change swept him away
And left me drowning in my own pain

I don’t know that I will ever love again
It’s a price that I must pay for all my sins
Time has changed me and left me full of doubt
And my heart may be lost never to be found.



  1. Well, he must’ve come back, because you awful quiet! Or you picked up the respiratory infection from Pixie!

    1. Yeah, he got back around 5:30 Tuesday. We went to Hurricane Grill for wings, and I’ve been busy ever since. Grandparents’ Day at Kaylee’s school today – I was up early worried about what to wear…and it was too cold to shower so I just dunked my head. Grandma Brown and I had a very nice time, the Chapel is lovely and Kaylee’s teacher is as much a gem this year as the one she had last year! KAYLEE, however, was in a quiet, contrary mood – didn’t want to let go of my hand, wouldn’t sing the song the children had rehearsed…that cold still hangs on…but we did go with Grandpa to the playground for awhile…nice to get out of the house in the middle of the day.

      Now I’ve got a tickle in my throat & a stuffy head/nose…don’t know if it’s allergy or respiratory infection, the symptoms seem the same…so I’m in, watching baseball & being lazy. Going to take some Thera-flu & go to bed soon. Kaylee has school tomorrow, so I don’t have to get up early at ALL if I don’t want to!

      Going hiking at Little Talbot with Duffy & Johnny on Sunday, at least one other girl going along (sponsee)…gonna be a good weekend, right? Right!

      1. Ohhhh, ah, right! Great weekend! Goldenrod is blooming, the bastards, so my immune system is working overtime.

        Oldest granddaughter’s 10th birthday is Sunday, so reckon I’ll be birthday partying.

      2. O.M.G…I wonder if I’m allergic to goldenrod…and redbuds…and a hundred other things that are throwing their stuff in the air! There’s no fever or anything, just a stuffy head, post-nasal drip, & some cough – classic “hay fever” symptoms!

        Still, takes the ‘stuffing’ out of me…but now I’m going to see if I can medicate it & feel better!

        Ten, eh? When Kait was 10 I took her out of class at noon, we went to a beauty salon for her first non-mom haircut…then spent the rest of the afternoon at Red Lobster (her choice). That was a looong time ago! Happy Happy Birthday to Oldest Granddaughter and her wonderful family!

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