Happy Halloweeeeen!!!

I got to take My Pixie to school today so she could participate in the Halloween costume parade with all the other pre-K children – and a few of the parents or grandparents, too! I didn’t dress up, but at least half the Moms did. Mrs. Fackler led the parade of little ones all around the school, through the library, past the office and classrooms. All the other classes, the office workers, and even the maintenance crew were standing alongside the walkways, watching the young ones. It was SO cool! I haven’t been in a parade in a long time, and if we do it again next year, I’m going in costume!

L-R: Snow White (Allie), Rapunzel (Paige), Belle (Kaylee)

Mrs. Fackler as Bo Peep!Kaylee, Riley, and Allie, having a snack after the parade.

I had a wonderful weekend, too – worked my tail off Saturday for some cash, then spent a chunk of it on Firehouse subs for supper. Watched football and ate and read with the ol man…a perfect Saturday. Then Sunday we hiked the Black Creek Trail with a woman I met recently and a young man who’s going to thru-hike the AT…he’s getting pointers from the ol man. After we left them, we stopped at La Nopalera for Mexican food – not California Mexican, but definitely the best in the immediate vicinity.  Then s’more football, some reading…and early to bed. It sure is nice to be just tired after putting out some effort, not exhausted no matter what!

Hope your Monday is a Funday, too! Thanks for stopping by!


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