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Maybe online shopping will be fun…

Yes, it’s only Wednesday. I’m pretty bummed about the upcoming weekend, because I can’t do what I’d like to do – I wanted to go on a hammock hang with the ol man, but since I’m a wimp when it comes to cold and heat, it’s best I stay home. The last thing I want […]

Turkey with Tebow Time!

It was the best game to watch yesterday.  I made our Thanksgiving dinner. Kait, Chris and Kaylee came over and watched the Jaguars game with Grandpa. Believe it or not, dinner was served only 5 minutes later than I’d ‘estimated’ AND it was half time! Of course, no one hurried back to watch the game […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

  In large part, the first Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated in 1623, was a celebration of the abundance arising from the pursuit of individualism and incentives associated with free markets, amazing as that may seem. The background for understanding Thanksgiving Day is found in records kept by the governor of the Plymouth colony, William Bradford. […]

#Occupy – FAIL

Alton Brown talks Thanksgiving…

  I am thankful we had a very successful Thanksgiving Dinner 2011 #1, with my niece Rachael and her husband Rick and son Ricky in Gainesville yesterday. Kait, Chris and Kaylee rode over with us, and it was so nice. Kait brought a cheesecake and I brought cranberry sauce (Rach & I are the only […]

Old Mate

Handsome Hubby found this at the Goatlocker. God bless you, Australia!

Lovely hike