Fair Time!

Might get to go tomorrow. Duffy promised his granddaughter we’d go see the bunnies at the Greater Jacksonville Fair. I haven’t been there since Kait was 7, maybe 8…the autumn before we transferred to the west coast, anyway…and she’s 25 now!

I can’t find a picture I like of anything to do with the fair, and the one I did like is copyrighted, so enjoy this one instead – a great picture of my now-25-year-old Lovely Daughter and HER 4-year-old BEEEootiful Daughter!

I’m tired, and I’m going to bed now. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. We hardly ever go to fairs now. When SwampDaughter was a youngun in 4-H, she showed livestock at Clay County Fair, Baker County Fair, Nassau County Fair, and the Duval County Fair. In all those years, the only places we ever saw were the food court (since we didn’t have time to go home and eat because we were there from after school until @ midnight) and the livestock barn!

    Of all the fairs, I hated Duval County (Greater Jacksonville yada yada) the most because of bad parking, bad area, bad traffic.

    1. Like I said, when the young’un was a young’un. I liked the Clay County Fair better in those days – Jax reminds me of the State Fair in Montana – too big, too busy, too much city. But I’m willing to make an exception for the Pixie and the hubby, at least for the livestock barns.

      It ain’t Phillips County (Dodson, Montana) but it’ll have to do.

  2. So, how was it?

    1. We couldn’t go! They don’t open anything till 5pm on weekdays. Which is, in my opinion, STUPID. They could open the livestock barns, I don’t wanna ride any of the rides or play any games, I wanna see ANIMALS. *sigh* Oh well, we’re going to try to go today after dinner at Sticky Fingers. Will take pics if we go, post ’em when I get time.

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