Ahh…Friday! I LOVE Friday!

Did I ever mention here how much I used to hate Fridays? Oh, I did, I did, with a hatred that was almost visible. Saturdays weren’t much better, except when I was working, and Sundays were nearly as bad. Now? I love Fridays. Here’s why – Duffy brought me some hot & sour soup from Ying’s Chinee Takee Outee. It is SO good! AND I got to spend a little while with my lovin’ husband…who seems to be catching the cold that didn’t kill me or Kaylee a couple weeks ago. Poor guy!

So, now you know the biggest reason I love Fridays.

Maybe some music…


My dad bought me a Tremeloes album when I was an 8th grader…I’d never heard of them…

And a nice quiet buckle-rub slow dance song from the summer I met Duffy…

This bein’ in love is THE BEST way to be…


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