I’m a lucky, lucky woman.

Fifty-six years ago, shortly after 8pm, my mother gave birth to a rather homely little 6lb, 4oz bundle of joy. Really homely – I’ve seen pictures. I was kinda cute as a toddler and preschool child, but got funny-looking again by the time I started school. I told a cousin today though, that I’m better looking today than I was 20 years ago – and so is my husband!

Went to the Monday PPG meeting last night. I had to beg a ride from our Friend Johnny cuz the battery on my Dakota is dead as a doornail and payday’s not till Friday. He said it’s no problem, I’m right on the way. Whew!

Anyway, when I got there, there was CAKE! And PRESENTS! And HUGS! They even sang to me.

I love my Friends. I love my family. I love my Life. Thank you, God.

UPDATE:  I even got a recorded message and a voicemail today of someone singing Happy Birthday to me…ain’t technology GRAND!!!

Going to bed now, y’all take care, thanks for stopping by, see you soon!



  1. Mmmmmmm. Cake! Happy birthday!

    1. Kaylee ate 2 of the cupcakes today AND took 2 of ’em home.

      And thank you, it was a very happy day…er…4 days, really!

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