Jennings State Forest – tomorrow’s hike

Frost on the Tundra this morning! Sunny and COLD.

We get to hike this weekend! We’ll be doing a 5-mile loop, pretty easy (hey, it’s NEFL). We’re going in the afternoon because a lot of people go to church on Sunday mornings –  yeah, who knew – and Duffy has to go Sundays. I could go Saturday but Duffy’s pretty wore out after 11 days without a day off, he needs to rest. He’s also been working with a little touch of something, the not-quite-cold-or-flu-but-ICK that Kaylee and I had a while back.
I got this map from a site called Low Country Paranormal – ghost-hunters who have been to the cemetaries in the forest, I guess. I don’t believe in ghosts, so just took the map, didn’t read any further. Check out the link if you’re interested, though!

Yesterday, Kaylee’s daddy picked her up at school, so Duffy and I went for a drive, just to get out of the city. Got new tires on my truck, new battery, beautiful sunny day – chilly & windy but beautiful. We drove back roads to Mcclenny and had lunch at a little place called Calendars Deli & Sports Bar… If’ you’ve never had a Cuban pizza, you are missing something in your life! Like pickles on your pizza! It’s definitely my new favorite.

Handsome Hubby is up now, so I better get busy and make breakfast. Y’all have a fine weekend!


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