Turkey with Tebow Time!

It was the best game to watch yesterday.  I made our Thanksgiving dinner. Kait, Chris and Kaylee came over and watched the Jaguars game with Grandpa. Believe it or not, dinner was served only 5 minutes later than I’d ‘estimated’ AND it was half time! Of course, no one hurried back to watch the game – the Jaguars aren’t exactly dynamic this year…yet…

After dinner, Kait and Chris got out of my way so I could do up dishes and get ready for pie, Grandpa went out in the back yard with Kaylee to play on the tire swing. The pumpkin pie I made from the recipe at America’s Test Kitchen was THE BEST pumpkin pie I’ve eaten as an adult. I also whipped the cream myself, and it is SO good…just like my mum used to make. Kait said it tastes like ice cream. Duffy ate 2 pieces. Kait ate one, and she doesn’t care for pumpkin pie – I made brownies for Kait and Kaylee, too. Kaylee ate two of those.

After the kids left, and I got the dishes done, it was time for the Denver-San Diego game. It was not pretty. But that Denver team is a TEAM, and Tebow led them to another OT victory.

For someone who ‘couldn’t play that way in the NFL,’ he seems to be doin’ alright. The bandwagon’s gonna have to upgrade to a coach – or at least caravan – with all the people jumping on board. The Bronco players seem to have been there all along, but what do they know, they’re not “experts.’

Here’s the always-classy Chargers sideline:

Watch Eric Decker’s catch here.

This is the interview Tim did with Shannon Sharpe, a man I always thought of as a loud-mouthed know-it-all, being more ‘loud’ than ‘know’…but I’m pleased to note my mind may be changing:

Anyway, it was a perfect weekend with my husband and the kids…I just love them all so much…sorry to see it end, but Kaylee’s back know, and would really like something to eat. Y’all have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Every time I go up the parents’ place in Georgia, me and my stepdad verbally abuse the Jaguars for not hirin’ Tebow when they had the chance. Idiots.

    1. Hubby does the same thing! Guaranteed to sell tickets, even when they don’t win…butts in the seats, but some “expert” “advisor” who gets paid a small mint says “can’t play and win in the NFL” so Denver gets the boost. Numbskulls.

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