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Jennings State Forest – tomorrow’s hike

Frost on the Tundra this morning! Sunny and COLD. We get to hike this weekend! We’ll be doing a 5-mile loop, pretty easy (hey, it’s NEFL). We’re going in the afternoon because a lot of people go to church on Sunday mornings –  yeah, who knew – and Duffy has to go Sundays. I could […]

Michael Henry Cassel (19May1932 – 11Nov1991)

Twenty years ago today, the first Veteran I ever knew died. I don’t guess I will ever stop missing him. I was recently told I have his smile and his laugh…and what I wouldn’t give to see his smile, and hear his laugh. He would adore his little blond great-granddaughter, too. Via con Dios, Mike.

Veteran’s Day 2011

This is why you wear a helmet.

The next time you don’t feel like getting out of bed and having a hot shower and driving your car to work, then having lunch from some all-you-can-eat buffet…and the next time you curse at everyone else while you drive your car home to your family, have a good meal, watch some tv, talk on […]

Happy 236th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

Eternal thanks to my Family, my Friends, and those I’ve never met.

Hook a brother up.

That’s what the hosts of my favorite outdoor-talk show say when somebody needs a hand. “Hook a brother up.” The Outdoors Show, 7-10am on Saturdays, 1010xl. Never miss it. Anyway, I followed a couple links today and found this writer/blogger I never heard of before…which wouldn’t be a shock, he’s not well-known at all (yet) […]

I’m a lucky, lucky woman.

Fifty-six years ago, shortly after 8pm, my mother gave birth to a rather homely little 6lb, 4oz bundle of joy. Really homely – I’ve seen pictures. I was kinda cute as a toddler and preschool child, but got funny-looking again by the time I started school. I told a cousin today though, that I’m better […]