Friday…I need some rest…and a painkiller.

I shopped for a few Christmas gifts this afternoon. Duffy left early – another 12 hour work day for him – and he rode the bike, so I could go spend some of his money. Thoughtful fellow… Anyway, I feel like I’ve been beaten with a stick! I got home, unloaded the truck, did up the dishes, fixed some leftover turkey & stuffing for supper (even though it was 8:30), and now I’m considering a handful of aspirin, a cup of tea, and going to bed early! I’m working for my one client in the morning, then Duffy will leave for the weekend when I get home (the part for the Dakota should be here by Tuesday). I got groceries this morning, so will have plenty to eat…while I do laundry, vacuum, and work in the yard. Still got those cabbages to get planted!

A good Friend of mine reminded me today of some more songs from my childhood. Enjoy!

And a couple from when I wasn’t a child…

Maybe I’ll get used to being low on the list of priorities…but it’s gonna take awhile.


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