There is no better Friend…

…than Kae,  author and proprietor at Kae’s Bloodnut Blog. To lift my spirit – which had been flagging, as a result of some personal turmoil I’d been going through – she’s gathered up and sent a package full of goodies all the way to this little corner of the world. I’ve also sent the following in an email, just to make sure she knows how much we appreciate her thoughtfulness:

Kae, a box FULL TO THE BRIM with TimTams and other goodies arrived today! It was like Christmas morning! Duffy says to tell you he thinks you’re THE BEST, and THANK YOU!!! He had 3 of the double chocolate cookies bikkies before he left for a hammock hang in Gainesville for the weekend…I was surprised he didn’t take them along! I’m keeping the dark chocolate ones hidden away, just for me! They are SO GOOD!!!

I love the tea towels and little trays. There’s a koala hanging on the mirror of Duffy’s truck as he heads west…and the other is on the rear view mirror in my Dakota.  The magnet holds its place of honour on the fridge and I will think of you fondly every time I see it. Which will be often. And I will carry the little silver koala with me whenever I leave the house. Duffy’s right – you are THE BEST!
Doesn’t look like melting was a problem, everything is in perfect order.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


  1. Kae has been told by WordPress that her email is invalid, and she can’t comment here. Therefore, I’m going to post her email to me, in its entirety. I do not have the words or talent to thank you properly, Kae. I am humbled by your kindness.

    I sent them last Thursday, which would have been sometime in the middle of Wednesday night for you. I hope you know someone who collects stamps! (I think it was last Thursday….)

    I’m delighted they’re there in good order and condition!

    Now you know why we love our Tim Tams! Do you know the Tim Tam slam? Bite off two opposite diagonal corners of the Tim Tam and suck your tea/coffee through the biscuit until it’s hollow. I haven’t done it, but that’s what it is.

    I thought you’d like the trays, I’ve had them hanging around here for ages waiting to send to you – just the right thing to eat your TTs off koala and kangaroo trays! Have you tried them all or just a few? The honeycomb ones are delish, and so are the black forest ones.

    The cute Aussie x 3 / Oi x 3 things are for the Pixie.

    I’m so pleased!


    1. And…

      The dark chocolate mint TimTams are absolutely the finest ‘bikkie’ I’ve ever eaten. If you like Thin Mints sold by the Girl Scouts, these will make your tongue slap your brains out.

      1. LOL
        What a shame the dark choc isn’t Duffy’s fave….

        I’m a bit scared about your tongue slapping your brains out.

  2. Got the stupid thing to work this time.

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