Thursday’s Thinkers

Bert Prelutsky:  Separating the Wheat From the Chaff –  “All by himself, Allen West has an IQ equal to any five of them. Make that 10 if Jesse Jackson, Jr., John Conyers, Emanuel Cleaver, Barbara Lee, Jim Clyburn, Laura Richardson, Keith Ellison, John Lewis, Andre Carson and Sheila Jackson Lee, are the 10 you have in mind.”

The Camp of the Saints:  The Naked Face of Leftism: Obama Takes off the Minstrel Mask –  Many haven’t believed the warnings we’ve been issuing since 2008 about the objectives of Obama and his crew. Perhaps you’ll now believe the words of Obama himself. And, perhaps, then you’ll see that Obama and all of those working with him are committing Treason.

Judge Andrew Napolitano:  What if our rights didn’t come from the Almighty, or from our humanity, but from the Government? – What if the ultimate target in the government’s war on terror is all who believe in personal freedom? What if that includes YOU?

Paco Enterprises:  I mean this is the kindliest way possible… –  His Teddy Roosevelt speech in Kansas includes so many falsehoods, disingenuous assertions, and inflammable strawmen that one has no choice but to conclude that the president is not only an ideologue wedded to the most reactionary forms of unworkable socialism, but an arrogant elitist who positively disdains the intelligence of his audience. 

From the Belle Tower:  She’s Forever Lazy, So Butt Out –  “Wellllll?” I cooed. “You look like a really old Teletubbie,” he said. Make that a “former” friend.



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