A decade of Tim Blair – blogger, legend

A decade of Tim Blair – blogger, legend | Asian Correspondent – Tim is probably Australia’s most awarded blogger, for which he doesn’t care a jot, but the ultimate test of his influence is the number of commentators who have been inspired to go into blogging – currently numbering about 30 (see links to Blairite blogs in the right hand column here.)


  1. #BlairNation #WeAreUs!

      1. Just realised (thanks Kae!) that we didn’t have this blog on our Blairite blogroll. Fixed!

      2. Thank you, Spot!

  2. Dang. Hadn’t realized that it’s been that long.

    1. I know – I’m feelin’ kinda old, just thinkin’ about it. Think I first started participating in early 2002 – I know it was after the attack on 9-11…

      1. I was a faithful reader for a long time before jumping in.

      2. Yup, me, too – ventured to comment one day because I personally knew the person who commented before me – she introduced me to Blair and Lileks. I also remember that the first people to respond back to me were Michael Lonie, frolickingmole, and El Cid. Boy, them wuz the dayz…

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