For those of us who may have over-indulged somewhat…

A friend of mine posted this link on Facebook. I already park as far from the door as I can when I go to the commissary or the credit union. WE refer to that as cleverly disguised exercise. When Kait was little, said exercise included jumping on the bed when we stayed in motels! Thankfully, I also have a stair-stepper here in the office alcove, which is particularly handy when it’s FREAKIN’ COLD OUTSIDE!

Temperature: 44.4 °F 45.5 °F 31.5 °F 39.2 °F
Dew Point: 20.4 °F 21.4 °F 10.5 °F 16.5 °F
Humidity: 38% 41% 38% 39%
Wind Speed: 2.7mph 10.5mph 3.4mph
Wind Gust: 4.0mph 10.5mph
Pressure: 0.00in 0.00in 0.00in
Precipitation: 0.00in
Solar Radiation: 0 watts/m^2
UV Index: 0.0

I’m not overweight, but I sure am outta shape…better get started soon!


  1. Overindulged somewhat? I never go halfway when I overindulge!

    1. Swampie, you over-indulge in WORK, too! “Never halfway” should be carved on your tombstone.

      Man, I gotta post something new…maybe later. Just finished shopping & delivering groceries for the kids, then had King’s Hawai’ian sandwiches from Firehouse with the ol man…time for a bit of football & cat-appreciation…

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