The “Football Experts” said he’d never play successfully in the NFL.

Right. I’m not going to predict that the Denver Broncos will get to the Super Bowl or anything, but they’re now so far beyond what anyone SAID would be possible with Tim Tebow as quarterback, I’ve decided to stop paying attention to the dumb jocks who pass for experts on tv. What a balls-to-the-wall football game it was!

Found this at The Daley Gator, thank you:

“May we hope that Tebow has another miracle in him,” he (Rev. Gregory Cleveland) said, referring to Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a devout Christian and mystical game manager.

From my Friend at et cetera*, posted with thanks:

Just one play into overtime, the Broncos shocked the Steelers with an 80-yard touchdown strike from Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas.

Overtime…Steelers must not have been TOO beat up. Number One Defense in the NFL, eh? Yeah, here’s a quarter, call someone who might believe you. For a guy who supposedly couldn’t throw, couldn’t run, wouldn’t do well in the NFL, would never be a success in the NFL…whatEVER! Tim Tebow is busting expectations all over the country. From a 1-4 record to 8-8 and then a playoff win, I think the ‘experts’ should all have to eat the pages their blather was printed on. In public.

Sometimes the good guys come out on top, and no one does it better than than young #15 of the Denver Broncos.

Thank you, God.



  1. elcampeador · · Reply

    Tebow For President. 🙂

    OK a few years

    And thank you, KC.

    1. From my Twitter feed tonight:

      Breaking News….Tebow wins NH by 316 votes. Romney throws a fit and messes up his hair. Paul screams unconstitutional.

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