Pray for me.

Duffy and Johnny have agreed to take me with them to the 2nd Annual Florida Hammock Hang this weekend. These are people who camp – some of them are hikers, a few kayakers – and use hammocks strung in the trees to sleep in. The cooks do magical things with Dutch ovens, I hear.

Of course, hammock camping means I can’t take my ‘rated -30F’ bedroll, I have to use the bedding provided for me. Last year, it was about the coldest winter weekend in the Ocala Forest. +28F. Pray for warm, too, please?

Luckily, no one expects beauty-queen status – hell, they don’t even expect house-wife status, when it comes to showers & shampoos. But, it’s only one night. I can do without shower & shave & stuff for one night. I can brush my teeth anywhere. Unless all the water’s frozen.


  1. Praying for you ~ come put your name on our prayer list ‘Soul Healing’ and while your there accept your nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award ~ to accept come visit : and then click on our photo widget Soul Healing or go directly to the page and leave your name in comments and/or anything specific you’d like prayer/healing on ~
    Angels Love,
    Aurora & Brian

  2. Oh, NO! It’s gonna be too freakin’ COLD for that this weekend! I will pray you do NOT get frostbite and the cloud cover holds.

    1. Last year it was +26F on Sunday morning. I wasn’t invited on that one, was hoping for warmer on this one – so looks like temp tomorrow will be about 7 degrees warmer in the morning!

      Will report back when I get time!

  3. Er… ‘shower AND SHAVE”???

    1. NO shaving in weather that cold, m’Friend. 8) It was 24F yesterday morning, the coldest morning of the year so far. I did manage to stay toasty in the hammock, and slept well. Then didn’t sleep very well last night, home in my own bed…go figger!

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