2nd Annual Florida Hang – Part 4

There were lots of kids, including these 3 adorable sisters.

Flackfizer tends the fire.

Gumbo and Timberrr

Chattanooga Chuck

The men who made my weekend possible, then made me breakfast - Duffy and Johnny. Thank you so much for letting me go along!



  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    /I want room service and food.

  2. I understand THAT, Swampie. But I live in the city and spend very little time anywhere I can’t hear other people or traffic. Duffy & Johnny were quite good at ‘room service’ AND food! It doesn’t kill me livin’ here, but OhDearLord how I crave being outdoors where there’s no traffic, no massive quantities of jerks…

    1. Oh, snap, you’re right! It’s just me, SwampMan, and the critters at home. I can see where you would need a little (lotta?) nature in your life. I’ve never done cities well.

      1. Duffy talked today about getting a few chickens. Unfortunately, I just a few minutes ago saw reference to city ordinance that doesn’t allow such things, at least as far as I can tell. I may call city hall Monday, just to verify.

        It ain’t the same as being in the country, but it’s MY little island in a sea of insanity. I wondered out loud, while we were hiking through Jennings State Forest today…it’s nice to be so close to the Exchange, the Commissary and NAS emergency room/hospital…but is it losing its appeal as the city grows bigger and uglier around us?

        Might rethink things when Kaylee goes to school…

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