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Hey! Hey! We’re the Monkees!

Aw, Davy…my heart hurts today… A recent performance… Life Lessons from the Monkees… Go with God, Davy Jones…your work here is done…thank you for every joke, every smile, every song, from a woman who’s a little girl again when she hears your music… Advertisements

Torreya State Park – Monday

At some point just before I went to sleep, the power went off. We’d seen and heard lots of branches falling out of trees during the hike. The camp host came by to apologise, but I was pretty much asleep anyway. It was COLD overnight, into Monday morning. Sure was glad to have the sleeping […]

Torreya State Park – Sunday

We woke to cleared skies and light gusty winds with very cool temperatures Sunday morning. As I mentioned in the previous post, I slept through the rockin’ and rollin’ that went on, though I did wake for part of the thunderstorm. I seldom sleep all the way through the night, even thought the meds I […]

Torreya State Park – Saturday

We didnt’ get much of a hike on Saturday. Arrived at the park around 1, set up camp – Johnny liked the way that big box became a little house, I think, and I was tickled to be making use of it again (Trail Manor 2518 is old but still serves its purpose!) and strapped […]

Long weekends are great for going campering!

We’re going to Torreya State Park tomorrow morning, going to camper till Monday afternoon. Will be doing some hiking, some cooking in my new Dutch oven, some shakedown of whatever I have in my pack, see how the new socks and bra work, and see if I can hike with that weight. Gonna be VERY […]

We’ll be okay…


Daniel Hannan speech from CPAC

This is 30 minutes you will spend wisely – c’mon, take the time. Thanks to Paco and Boy On A Bike!