Romney won the Florida primary, as you know by now, if you’re not living under a rock -which is difficult in NE Florida, we ship our rocks in.

I woke up this morning to find we have no water. I’ve spent an hour and ten minutes trying to find out WHY! This entails me attempting to log on to the JEA website for information…having no clue what the password might be anymore, I only go there about once a year…getting out the JEA bill to find account number and meter number to see about changing the old password to something I might remember…remembering that JEA has my husband’s email and I can’t access that…put JEA bill back in file cabinet…called JEA again to see if there’s someone answering the phone yet…no…finally recalling where I wrote down the password…logging on but having that be absolutely no help…getting water from the hurricane box to make coffee with…made another call to JEA and GOT A PERSON to find there’s a busted water main in the area that’s affecting this house…told the lady I was not having a good beginning to my day but coffee’s nearly done and that some people she’d hear from today wouldn’t be nearly as nice – she laughed. Now I know what gives with the water, and the coffee’s finished perking, so I’m going to go drink some, then brush my teeth, wash my face (with facial wipes), get dressed, and head for the commissary.


Y’all have a wonderful day, no matter the circumstances. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Those increases followed 14 years of no electric rate increases. But during that time, fuel costs were nearly flat, and JEA was relying heavily on debt to buy facilities and important equipment.

  2. I had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday! I was supposed to be takin’ care of the SwampDaughter children while daddy was doin’ National Guard stuff. SwampDaughter just found out that she’s expecting child #4 and absolutely CANNOT take any more time off. Anyway, SIL got a day off from training, and he watched ’em. I just kinda lazed around, went shopping, paid bills….it was glorious! Well, not the bill paying part.

  3. SwampDaughter has not yet told her place of employment that she’s expecting another little one, so I’m not supposed to tell anybody (grin).

    She said maybe another little girl wouldn’t be too bad. I asked her how she felt about another Dylan. She said some VERY ugly words. I think SIL might be sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life.

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