Post-SuperBowl Party!

We hiked the Willie Browne Trail yesterday morning with four friends. I carried a pack with about 12 pounds in it – hammock, tarp, clothing, water – because I want to hike the second half of the Foothills Trail with Duffy in April or May. He mentioned it after I told him last week I’d like to try to hike the AT if I had time and gear and…time. But I don’t have time or gear or…time. Well, the Foothills Trail is closer, simpler, easier for a beginner…but I just realized yesterday that this may mean he doesn’t go do another section of the AT! Don’t want to keep him from that, it’s what he lives for!

I’m going to keep training, hiking with weight, walking around the neighborhood and yard with the pack. I need the exercise, whether I ever get to hike a proper trail or not.

It was a lovely day, my new Columbia hiking pants worked well, the pack only caused a bit of a rub on my shoulders, no hot spots on my feet that I can tell – I was wearing my medium weight merino wool socks from Target and my everyday Nike Alvord 8’s , so pretty pleased with that. Half way through, we stopped for a drink and a snack, and I zipped off the legs of my pants because it was pretty warm. The weight of the pack didn’t seem to slow me down or wear me out.

We headed home a little after 1pm, with a stop at Publix for sausage and salsa, then Sally Beauty Supply for hair colour. I got Lovely Daughter a packet of hair repair goop, if she wants it, and if not, I’ll use it some other time. Dropped Duffy off at the house so he could rest and shower, while I went to Firehouse for a couple King’s Hawai’ian sandwiches. YUM!

After showers and sandwiches and a little rest (I’m not used to that level of exercise), I put together The Best Yet SuperBowl Casserole, a tradition begun 26 years ago, when Lovely Daughter was 4 days old, we were POOR, living in a single-wide trailer, and I got to watch the Bears whup the Patriots – on a black and white television! The recipe for a hot dog and pork&bean casserole was on the inside of the pork and beans label. I gave directions, Duffy cooked, that day. THIS year we had andouille sausage, 4 different kinds of beans, and salsa that was more like pico de gallo. And that casserole is FABulous!

Watched the SuperBowl, glad the Patriots got beat again! Here’s my favorite commercial, with just one observation…I think I’m the only American woman who isn’t reading or watching or dreaming vampires and zombies:

Hubby’s up, gotta git. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!


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