Long weekends are great for going campering!

We’re going to Torreya State Park tomorrow morning, going to camper till Monday afternoon. Will be doing some hiking, some cooking in my new Dutch oven, some shakedown of whatever I have in my pack, see how the new socks and bra work, and see if I can hike with that weight. Gonna be VERY nice. My lovin’ husband bought me a new outer layer – a hooded windbreaker – AND a new-to-me down vest for Valentine’s Day. I hope I don’t NEED the vest this weekend, though it is supposed to be pretty durn chilly Monday morning. The windbreaker worked well this evening when I was running errands in the misting rain. I love my husband so much, this is so thoughtful of him. Nearly 30 years together and it’s almost like being young again.

I’m really looking forward to the hiking, because I want to see if I’ll be the least bit capable of hiking 50 miles of the Foothills Trail the first week of April. Duffy’s getting it all planned out, acquired a bit more gear of course, because he’s not used to taking care of anyone but himself on the trail. He bought a new stove last night, my new duds arrived this morning, my all natural buffalo oil soap will be here early next week, I found a bra and 2 pair of socks tonight at Target…the z-lite for making an SPE should arrive by the end of next week, too.

Here’s a picture I swiped from the Torreya State Park website, hope y’all have a fine weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I am SO jealous! I’ll be glad when SwampMan gets his knees fixed so we can do things like that again. In the meantime, granddaughter is spent the day yesterday and may be spending the day today as well.

  2. Well, it certainly got cold last night and feels pretty chilly out there tonight, as well. Hope your camping experience was warm and happy.

  3. I LOVE that fab photo with the sunlight through the smoke/mist.

    Beautiful, terribly artistic, and the rays seem to be travelling in all directions.

    Gorgeous! Well done!

    1. Much as I’d like to claim that photo, Kae – I took it off the Torreya State Park website! None of mine turned out that beautiful, but the place was spectacular – not a bit like the Florida most of us think of – seems to be a pocket of the Applalachians instead, according to the information we got. There are hardwoods and bluffs and rare trees that don’t grow anywhere else…just breathtaking.

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