Torreya State Park – Saturday

Duffy & Johnny

Stone Bridge at Torreya State Park - 18Feb2012


We didnt’ get much of a hike on Saturday. Arrived at the park around 1, set up camp – Johnny liked the way that big box became a little house, I think, and I was tickled to be making use of it again (Trail Manor 2518 is old but still serves its purpose!)

Campering Heaven

and strapped on our packs to go see what we could see. It was overcast with gusting winds, and I thought it might get worse. We got spit on a tiny bit, but never any real rain. By the time we got back to camp, we were hungry, and Johnny had a camp dinner all set to go on the fire…as soon as they built the fire! It was a challenge, because it got windier AND it started to rain soon after the thing finally lit. The guys were good, though, and got it going with some kindling we’d hauled in from our little hike. Before long, I got to eat the BEST garlic-rosemary chicken with vegetables I ever had in my life. I was pretty tired, so beat the guys to bed by at least an hour. I slept so hard, I missed all the excitement during the night! It seems a thunder-boomer came crashing through and the camper was rockin’ & rollin’ for about an hour in the middle of the night! By the time I got up for my usual trip to the sandbox, it was all over. Quiet. Warm. Just lovely.

I’ll post more pictures and comments from Sunday & Monday after I get my next chore done. Thanks for stopping by!

Florida Anise

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we did an experiment with the new Dutch oven Saturday night! Duffy – who is not a dessert-requiring kinda guy – asked if I had anything to make dessert to go with Johnny’s yummy supper. Umm…no… But I got to thinking…with some help from him…and came up with a box of Bisquik and some fresh fruit, so thought about a ‘cobbler’ might be possible. Didn’t have milk, so I stirred up 2/3 cup of powdered coffee creamer with water and mixed up a bit of biscuit dough (come to find out, it was a bit too much), then added some sugar to make it sweeter than your average drop biscuit. I cut up the fruit I had available – 2 kiwis, 2 bananas, and a handful of grapes – mixed them with a bit of sugar and put them in the bottom of the pot. I spread the dough over top of that, then sprinkled it with more sugar. It took a looong time to bake, but it was YUMM-O when we ate it! Would have been better with cinnamon, of course, but the warm fruit with the biscuit topping was just about all we could ask for, considering we had no idea what we were doing. It was dark and cold and raining, but all in all it was one beautiful night!


  1. Sounds yummy and like a great time!

    1. Wait till you hear about breakfast Sunday morning…will post that tomorrow after Duffy goes to work!

      1. Waiting for breeeeeeaaaakfaaaaast!

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