Torreya State Park – Sunday

We woke to cleared skies and light gusty winds with very cool temperatures Sunday morning. As I mentioned in the previous post, I slept through the rockin’ and rollin’ that went on, though I did wake for part of the thunderstorm. I seldom sleep all the way through the night, even thought the meds I take cause drowsiness and several hours of VERY sound sleep. Evidently the best of the storm went through while I was still under the influence – which is okay with me. You’ll see our sleeping bag/comforter in a picture down below. I’d hung it on the clothesline at home to air out. Left it overnight. One of the neighborhood cats peed on it. I hung it on the line so thoughtfully provided by the Park, because I didn’t want it stinking up the camper. The storm that came through was truly Mother Nature’s washing machine, because when we got back from hiking, it was clean and fresh-smelling…which was a good thing, because we needed it to stay warm the second night!

I was tasked for breakfast on Saturday, and had plans for a recipe I found online, to make in my new Dutch oven. Mountain Man Breakfast is SO easy and SO good! Duffy and Johnny said the only thing it needed was ‘more.’ Pretty sure both of them could’ve eaten another helping.

Dutch oven just waiting for ingredients

Mountain Man Breakfast



Frozen Potatoes O’Brien

Shredded Cheese

Pico de Gallo or Salsa

Fry bacon in Dutch oven. You will need to use the lid because otherwise it takes FOREVER. Remove bacon from pan.

Fry potatoes in bacon drippings.

When done to your liking, return bacon to pan.

Stir in eggs and some of the cheese if you wish (I don’t wish). Mix it all up into a nice gooey mess.

Cover and let bake a few minutes, checking every so often to make sure it doesn’t burn.

When done to your liking, put each serving on a plate and top with cheese and pico de gallo. 

This meal was supposed to have a fresh fruit salad with it, but the fruit got used the night before, so we had good hot coffee…and it was enough. It was FABulous!

We got on the trail just about 10, I think. We were doing the longer of the 2 loop trails, leaving the decision about doing the whole thing to a bit later in the day. It was gorgeous! And pretty tough for lil ol outta shape me. My friend Sharon may have dubbed me MightyMouse, but I didn’t feel all that mighty after the first little bit of UP.

Forgot to find out what this one was.

Sandstone bluffs...yes, in Florida!

Ferns on stump

Nearing the end of a constructive day...

Got back to camp around 4, I guess. Took a shower and changed clothes, then fixed Hobo Stoup – basically beef vegetable soup/stew, made in the Dutch oven. I did all the prep either at home or the evening before. Another DELISH DISH from the Dutch oven! I made it till dark before I slept, but not by much.

Quiet time at camp.

Past my bedtime now, will wrap up the rest of the commentary and pictures tomorrow or Friday. Thanks for stopping by!


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