Torreya State Park – Monday

At some point just before I went to sleep, the power went off. We’d seen and heard lots of branches falling out of trees during the hike. The camp host came by to apologise, but I was pretty much asleep anyway. It was COLD overnight, into Monday morning. Sure was glad to have the sleeping bag as comforter!

It was Johnny’s job to make breakfast on Monday, and he made the best sausage mcmuffins you’d ever want to eat. Coffee was hot and delicious, too, since I brought the percolator from home. Too cold for shower for me. We got on the trail about 9am – today is the Torreya Challenge Trail – and if it’s tougher than yesterday’s loop, I’m gonna be a dead duck. Duffy was worried about my shoulder straps rubbing (the pack isn’t made for someone my size), so lightened it up a little, hoping to give some relief. My shoes were dry, though – did I mention that I hiked in wet shoes yesterday because I forgot to bring them in the camper before the deluge hit? Yeah. Rookie mistake.

We passed an eagle nest on the way to the approach trail. Didn’t see any eagles, but were told there’s a family that makes its home there. Ever seen a bald eagle’s nest? They are huge!

Eagle nest - yes, really

When we got to the loop we planned for the day, Duffy asked which direction. For no reason I can think of, I said let’s go the Aussie way – counterclockwise. So that’s what we did. It was an AWESOME trail!

Break time


I forgot to look this one up, too. But it's pretty!


We got back to camp around 2pm. I took a shower and the guys packed up and closed up the camper. The drive back was long, but not unpleasant.

A beautiful weekend. Just beautiful. Thank you, God. Thanks also to the gentlemen who made the weekend so easy and comfortable for me. I love you both – and Happy Anniversary, Duffy – this was a great installment of the honeymoon we never got to take!

Off to wash my hair now – hope you enjoyed my little photo display – thanks for stopping by!



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  2. Those pictures are so beautiful! I thought the plant might be tropical sage, but the leaves aren’t right.

    We’re off to pick up some rabbits. SwampMan has decidcd that he is going to raise rabbits for the freezer. You reckon he’s gonna take care of ’em?

    1. He might SAY he’s going to…and he might even believe it…but we know better, don’t we?

      Glad you like the pictures – if you figure out what that little plant is, please let me know, thanks!

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