Spring is sprunging!

I ‘babysat’ Kaylee Friday night. Grandpa came home on a break, we had a little supper then he went back to work after playing a bit with her. She’s so sweet! After Grandpa left, we got ready for bed, brushed our teeth, and I read her a story – “Grover Stays Up Very, Very Late.” After I tucked her in, I ordered the Grover book that was one of Kaylee’s mama’s favorite bedtime stories – “Grover’s Resting Places.” Look forward to reading it again!
Her parents came to get Kaylee the next morning, after we had cereal…then apple…then a bagel…for breakfast. The girl can EAT! I loved having her with me!

Kaylee doing some ORIGINAL cut and paste!

Then I went after groceries. Yay. Watched “The Way” with the ol man Saturday night – really really enjoyed it.

Sunday we had one more day and night of Florida Winter – which is much like early autumn where I was born – and are now leaping into Spring. Going to be mid-70’s today! Having had no real Winter this year at all, the bugs will be horrendous…and hiking will be uncomfortable, to say the least. So we’re looking forward to kayak season, which is nice to do when it’s too damn hot to hike. In expectation of a GREAT kayak season, my lovin’ hubby spent the weekend working on my little truck.

Good to see my Go Bananas pad again!

Both trucks and the house got a good washing, thanks to nice weather and an industrious husband. All I did was make chili and watch the Sprint Cup race – no, Mark Martin didn’t win.

Busy week ahead, hope the weather and health stay good for everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. swampie · · Reply

    We’ve been busy here lately with new arrival stuff. Lambs, chicks, ducklings, and where the heck to put everybody. SwampMan is out working on some predator proof chick pens, while I’m about to go to the feed store (groan) and spend what little cash on hand we have left!

    1. We had to have our 3 blackjack oaks taken down this week – oak mould has killed every one on the block. So Duffy’s working on organizing and stacking, in preparation for splitting. Been a long time since he did that! Will be putting in the tomato & cucumber & pepper plants today – last day of Bike Week, I’m right on schedule!

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