Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein: Is Your Child a Sufferer . . . Are You?

Mrs Gloria Epstein of New Rochelle, NY was quoted in a recent study, “Michael junior had just turned four. My husband Michael senior and I hadn’t noticed anything unusual. Little Micky was such a loveable baby, you know what I mean? Then he started doing crazy stuff, running about, yelling, breaking things, fighting with his sister and giving us Chutzpa. He took to writing on his walls with felt pen and every toy we gave him lasted only days before it ended up in the garbage. We took him to our therapist hoping it would be something normal like ADD and Micky could take medication and we could get back to being normal family. The doctor told us that little Micky might be suffering from a recently diagnosed condition called, B.O.Y.

We were devastated. When we decided to become parents we never dreamt in a million years that we would have to contend with something as horrific as this!”

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein: Is Your Child a Sufferer . . . Are You?.



  1. Heh. Youngest grandson has a triple dose of B.O.Y. and has to have therapy administered frequently just to dissuade him from his more daring stunts. Youngest granddaughter can be louder than BOTH her boisterous older brothers, and points at things she isn’t supposed to touch, says “unh unh unh!” and grins her big grin and touches them anyway.

    1. Ah! She’s got AintICute! So no punishment will ever dissuade her, she knows when she does it what will – or won’t – happen! My little sister was the same way, and so are her own kids.

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